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Customs codes and tariffs 2023

Find the 2023 nomenclatures to update customs codes for bonded goods.
Customs codes 2024 are available.

Check out what’s new on January 1, 2024 in our our article on tariffs 2024.

Customs Tariff 2023: important changes

Changes to the customs tariff in 2023: 

  • Some changes affect the chapter of  fedible fruits; peels of citrus fruits or melons (chapter 8) as well as that of cereals( (chapter 10)
  •  Chapter 25 Mineral Products and Chapter 26 Ores, Slag and Ash
    ★ The new features concern mineral materials and waste
  • Chapter 28: Inorganic Chemicals […]
    ★ Changes apply only to rare earth metals and their compounds
  • Chapter 76: Aluminum and Aluminum Products
    ★ The changes affect unalloyed aluminum and aluminum alloys.
  • Chapter 84: Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, Machinery, Apparatus and Mechanical Devices; Parts of such Machinery or Apparatus
    ★ New features include profile forming machines, machines for additive manufacturing using sand deposition, cement or other mineral products.
  • Chapter 85: Electrical Machinery, Apparatus and Equipment and Parts Thereof, Sound Recording or Reproducing Apparatus, Television Image and Sound Recording or Reproducing Apparatus, and Parts and Accessories Thereof
    ★ The changes mainly concern the static converters and electromagnets. 

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