Yacht transportation, registration, and logistics

The Palais des Festivals seen from the port in Cannes
Port services, yacht tansports, shipment of spare parts and equipment, registration of private yachts, customs solutions, and VAT: our experts respond to all the needs of actors in the field of yachting along the French Riviera and beyond.
Services we offer in France and Monaco:

Transport, VAT & customs solutions for yachts and boats in France

Expertise and multi-disciplinary competencies enable us to answer any requests made by clients in the yachting and pleasure boating sector throughout the region including Nice, Monaco, Cannes, Antibes, Menton, Villefranche, Sète, Saint-Tropez,La Ciotat, Marseille, Toulon, and beyond…
We also provide registration services and training throughout France.
Most of our activities in the yachting sector are assured by MATHEZ MONACO, a sister company of MATHEZ FREIGHT located in Monaco, but some services are offered by other brands or subsidiaries.
Shipping agent and consignee
  • Ordering food & supplies.
  • Transfersfor crew members and passengers
  • Replacement of equipmenton board.
  • Upgrades to standard(security, hygiene, technical improvements).
  • Analyses & assistance for purposes of renewing certificates.
Dedicated transport services

Transport of yachts
  • A wide array of solutions for transport of your vessels in Europe and around the world: container, flat rack, ro-ro, conventional at the seaport, float on floatoff, yacht transport solutions.
  • Security services at loading: towing, packing, strapping, mooring.
  • Supervisionby our embarkation and disembarkation operations personnel with photos taken on site.
Yacht registration.

From our office in Cannes, we offer for all of France:

  • Yacht registration.
  • French flag registry.
  • Changing owner
  • Eliminating the vessel’s country of origin flag.
  • Domiciliation.
Customs/import/export & VAT solutions for the yachting sector

Our specialized departments and our subsidiaries also offer the following services:

  • Our experts at MATHEZ FREIGHT Cannes and MATHEZ MONACO offer dedicated Customs& VATsolutions for pleasure boats and commercial yachts: passage through customs, imports, temporary or permanent export, temporary admissions, warehousing under customs, etc.
  • Our EASYTAXsubsidiary provides solutions for VAT tax representation and VAT reimbursement to companies that own commercial vessels offering charters departing from France, Monaco, and other member states of the European Union.
  • MATHEZ FORMATION provides VAT training throughout France specifically dedicated to yachting.

Over the years, we have developed a whole set of skills and a network of specialists who can meet the needs of the yachting, sailing, and boating industries covering all sizes and values, in order to meet the needs of clients who are ever more demanding in terms of quality and time requirements.

Atanas Bozev, MATHEZ FREIGHT Nice

let professionals handle your boat documents & procedures!

Your Guarantees & Benefits

An international network

You'll benefit from our worldwide network of freight forwarders and our partnerships with the leading operators of yacht transport providers around the world
Our Network

Negotiated tariffs

Our relations with companies and our import / export volumes ensure that you benefit from the best prices and best routings for your transport of yachts and other shipments.

Experienced representatives

Since 1950, our highly specialized experience in the yachting sector means that you can trust our agencies to provide high quality advising and organizational support.

Customized solutions

Strengthened by the multiple competencies of the group, we put in place services that are customized to meet your needs and are carefully directed and monitored by our expert teams.

24/7 follow up

You can count on the effectiveness and precision of our teams to provide service and operational follow up 24/7.
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Frequently asked questions regarding our yachting services

  1. 1

    How are yachts cleared through customs?

    Yacht customs involve very specific operations and require the assembly of specific paperwork. This type of operation requires proper preparation so that everything can take place smoothly and quickly on the very day. You can rely on our team of specialists!

  2. 2

    What types of vessels are covered by licensing and French registration regulations?

    Any French vessel larger than 2.5m that navigates on sea waters must be licenced.

    Foreign yachts whose length is greater than 7m or whose engine power is equal to or greater than 22 CV (administrative power) and motorized nautical vehicles (for example jet ski sea-scooters, etc.) with engine power equal to or greater than 90 kW have to be licenced by maritime affairs and registered in France by customs.

    A boat or motorized nautical vehicle should belong, for at least half, to a citizen of one of the member states of the European Union or to companies or to associations located in the EU in order to be licenced in France.

  3. 3

    Under what circumstances do foreign yachts have to pay VAT in France?

    Since July 15, 2013, companies owning yachts and offering charters departing from France and Monaco need to be registered with the VAT and pay VAT declarations.

    It is therefore in their best interest to assign a VAT tax representative to fulfill their obligations easily and maintain complete compliance.

    > > Contact EASYTAX.

  4. 4

    Why choose a certified AEO-Full shipping agent?

    AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) accreditation is granted by the Customs Administration to companies that meet strict customs criteria and demonstrate consistent quality, compliance and reliability in the international supply chain.

    Working with a " AEO - Full" freight forwarder gives you, as a shipper, the following advantages:

    • Fluidification of your customs operations,
    • Reduced and optimized physical and documentary controls for your goods,
    • Recognised status in the European Union as a whole and in the world as a whole.

    MATHEZ FREIGHT is one of the top 30 IATA agents in France, and since 2013 has been granted the AEO-Full status, which includes the AEO "customs simplification" certificate and the AEO "security-safety" certificate. When you work with MATHEZ FREIGHT, you can be assured that all your customs operations throughout the EU and beyond will be carried out accurately, reliably and professionally, to the highest standards.

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