Sea freight

Sea freight: container loading
As a French specialist in maritime transport, we define the best routes and adjust the services according to your constraints. Our mission as a freight forwarder is to be a strong partner to negotiate prices and obtain services in an unstable market. Well-managed maritime flux allows you to optimize your stocks, hence your cash flow.
Our services:

Your maritime transport solutions

Enjoy total flexibility with a wide range of maritime transport services:

  • Shipping of all types of merchandise worldwide.
  • Advice on the right solution for the specificities of your shipments:
    – Full containers (FCL), container grouping (LCL), wheeled cargo (Roll-On Roll-Off) or other.
    Groupage of your goods every week in France, in Europe and worldwide. Shippers’ consolidation (LCL/FCL), unbundling and management of multiple delivery points (FCL/LCL).
    Sea & Air we approach a major airport by boat and finish by plane for economical transit with optimized times (import Asia only).
  • Authorizations and experience to deal with many specific types of cargo: regulated products/dangerous products (DGR), vehicle shipments in customized containers, out-sized freight/exceptional (cranes, machines, boats, vehicles etc.), equipment for tours/shows, wine
  • Import and reception of any type of maritime cargo: collection at the foreign supplier, specific administrative procedures, the possibility of bonded storage.
  • Export: “Hazardous products” consulting service, specific studies, pre-shipment storage, product-specific packaging, on-demand transport insurance.

  • door-to-door, port-to-port, door-to-port or port-to-door management in compliance with your Incoterms.
  • Organization of collections and deliveries (any road, barge/road, rail/road),
  • Optimization of positioning costs by taking and/or returning empty containers on inland container depots. Reusing import containers for export to reduce the cost of pulls (volume vouchers for export).
  • Provision of containers (dry, open-top, refrigerated, flat rack, MAFI ) and special equipment (e.g.isolated for wine, GOH in textile, for containerized vehicles)
  • Storage, preparation, packing, rigging, strapping, stuffing….
  • Customs studies and formalities, administrative procedures necessary for customs clearance (application for licenses, visas, guarantee service, liquor control, etc.), bonded warehousing.
  • Operations monitoring: order tracking from suppliers, custom report of abnormal situations, confirmation of arrivals and embarkations.
  • Insurance: transport is carried out under limited liability conditions and according to the terms of our GSC. MATHEZ FREIGHT can purchase insurance for the value of the goods, coverage in the event of war, etc…

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Each of our customers has specific requests and enjoys a human and personalized support

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A customized transport offer

You benefit from personalized, human support to create the customized solution (road, company, tariffs) that most suits your needs.

Conditions negotiated with shipowners

Benefit from the best prices and guaranteed capacities, and facilities for the management of nonconformities (access to capacity in peak season, reactivity on cancellations of stopover...)

Reliability, safety & security

Our AEO-Full accreditation and DGR certification ensure top-notch operating conditions.
Robust contracts guarantee your transport conditions.

Custom monitoring & tracking

Our employees keep track of your shipments, handle irregularities, and keep you informed. In addition, you have 24/7 access to online tracking.

Optimizing your recurring flows

We send you monitoring tables and key performance indicators (KPI) allowing you to optimize your rotations and your stock

Maritime transport: choose a trusted partner

We process 3500 ocean freight cases per year.
We count well-known brands as our clients, like Pronuptia, Atoll Palme V and Mane & Son.
30 of our oldest customers have been with us for over 20 years

A family company founded by Raoul Mathez in 1950, MATHEZ FREIGHT is FIATA approved, a founding member of the world’s leading network of independent freight agents, and AEO-Full certified since 2013.
We manage your maritime transport from our agencies located at the airports of Nice, Marseille Marignan, Paris Roissy Charles-De-Gaulle, Paris Orly and Lyon – Saint Exupery, and our worldwide network is made up of more than 7000 agents in 191 countries.


Your questions about shipping

  1. 1

    What you should know about maritime transport in France

    • 72% of imports and exports from France take place by sea, representing 365 million tons.
    • Marseille (Fos-sur-Mer), with more than 80 million tons treated, is the leading French port and the fourth busiest European port ahead of Le Havre, Bordeaux and Nantes. The ports of Antwerp, Genoa and Barcelona capture part of the national traffic.
    • French CMA/CGM, based in Marseille, is the world's third largest shipowner. Maritime transport in France today represents a hundred companies.
    • The return of empty containers on inland container depots is possible in Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Chalons-sur-Saône, to save money on to/return trucks.
    • Container collection and delivery options in combined barge/road and rail/road transport exist for cost-effective solutions and a positive carbon footprint.
    Maritime shipping in France

    You benefit from increased security and speed by calling on MATHEZ FREIGHT, an authorized AEO-Full FIATA forwarder, providing both maritime transport and customs transit for your merchandise.

  2. 2

    Why choose an independent forwarder for your international shipping?

    When major players in maritime transport are merging and creating alliances, only an independent freight forwarder can solicit all shipowners, and get the best rates.

    Independent cargo agents also have a better knowledge of the field - players, routes and commercial conditions in each zone. Working in networks they ensure optimal global responsiveness for shippers.

    MATHEZ FREIGHT, a competent independent agent throughout the French territory, has developed worldwide networks of trust guaranteeing optimal pricing conditions and quality.

  3. 3

    Why choose an AEO-Full certified FIATA agent?

    FIATA accreditation secures the relations between shippers and maritime transport players, FIATA regulations apply should litigation occur.

    "AEO" (Authorized Economic Operator) accreditation is granted by the EU customs administrations to companies that meet strict customs criteria and demonstrate consistent quality, conformity and reliability in the international supply chain. Working with an "AEO-Full" forwarder gives you, as a consignor, the following benefits:

    • Simplifying your customs operations
    • Physical and records inspections are reduced and adapted to your goods
    • Status recognized throughout the European Union and worldwide
      "AEO-Full" accreditation will be highly appreciated by your foreign customers or buyers.

    MATHEZ FREIGHT, a FIATA authorized agent for more than 40 years, has since 2013, been granted the OEA-Full status, which includes the Customs Simplifications AEO certificate and the security/safety AEO certificate. When working with MATHEZ FREIGHT, you can rest assured that all your customs transactions across the EU and beyond will be carried out with precision, reliability and professionalism, according to the highest standards.

  4. 4

    Should insurance be taken for your maritime transports?

    Domestic and international freight transport, whatever their mode (maritime, air, land), are governed by international conventions that limit the liability of the carrier and the freight forwarder (except for gross misconduct), compensation for a disaster most often corresponds to sum well below the damage actually suffered.

    In addition, if the carrier or the freight forwarder is not liable (exemption in the event of force majeure, general average), you will not receive any compensation.

    This principle of limitation of liability is naturally and legally included in our GTC (TLF). For example, for all damage to merchandise attributable to any operation as a result of loss or damage and for all consequences that may result, limit to 20 € per kilogram gross weight of missing or damaged goods.

    You nevertheless have the option of subscribing a declaration of value ("ad valorem insurance") Which has the effect of substituting the amount of this declaration for the limits of indemnity; in this case and unless there are specific exclusions*, you will be compensated on the basis that you wish to insure (e.g.: cost and freight + 10%).

    * Exclusions: Inherent vice of the goods, the influence of temperature, shrinkage, packaging insufficiency, gross negligence or intentional misconduct of the contractor, war, seizures, nuclear contamination, piracy, riots, strikes

    It should also be noted that it is possible for you to subscribe a special interest on delivery (SID) in the event that you would like to be compensated for damages resulting from a delay in delivery (material damage and commercial damage in particular), mainly if the time limit for the for your delivery is imperative.

  5. 5

    How to transport special or hazardous products by sea?

    There are 9 classes of regulated products: explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing materials, toxic and infectious materials, radioactive materials, corrosive materials and miscellaneous dangerous goods. Many chemicals and pharmaceuticals fall into these categories.
    These materials or articles are regulated because they pose a potential risk to the health and safety of people, infrastructure and/or their means of transport.

    Maritime transport of hazardous goods is governed by the IMO International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code and other national and international regulations. Freight forwarders and their contractors involved in the preparation and maritime transport of hazardous goods, including road hauliers, must comply with these regulations and undergo regular training to ensure that their consignments are compliant so that they can be handled quickly and easily by shipping companies.

    MATHEZ FREIGHT agencies can organize the transport of your hazardous goods by sea because they have the necessary accreditations and well trained, authorized personnel.


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