Shipping perfume, fragrances, flavours, and cosmetics

Shipping perfume, fragrances, flavours, and cosmetics
We ship perfumes, aromas, fragrances and cosmetics from/to France and all over the world. We optimize the shipping flows of producers, suppliers and distributors in compliance with their quality procedures and international regulations.
Services we offer in France and Monaco:

Customized shipping solutions for the perfume, flavour, fragrance and cosmetics industries.

Specializing in the shipment of flavours, essences, perfumes, and colognes, we ensure import/export of all types of cosmetic products, perfumes, and colognes: haircare products, shampoos, shower gels, soaps, natural cosmetics, oral hygiene products, etc.

  • Shipment by air, sea and multimodal shipment in express, regular, or low-cost modes: we optimize your costs and your shipping times according to your needs.
  • We have advanced knowledge of customs procedures : our customs brokers analyze your paperwork prior to shipment to ensure perfectly smooth passage through customs.
  • Secured, authorized warehousing to ensure traceability and guarantee that sometimes sensitive products reach their intended destination.
  • Managing shipment of product accessories (packaging, sales-point publicity, bottles, misters).

  • Experience and materials adapted to the particular limitations of shipping regulated products, for temperature control, pollutants, etc…
  • Import of raw materials incompliance with phytosanitary and veterinary regulations involving the control of CITES certificates and permits.
  • Collaboration with marketing departments via OnSite– a team dedicated to the logistical needs of conferences & expositions along the French Riviera.

Virginie Rondot

Providing logistics services to the perfume manufacturers of Grasse since 1950, we have acquired very specialized experience regarding the flow of raw materials as well as finished products. You can profit from our tremendous experience!

Virginie Rondot, MATHEZ FREIGHT, Nice

You'll benefit from

Our expertise

We've been working for perfume manufacturers since the 1950s. We have had DGR and AEO-Full accreditation since 2013.


We build the transport solution (routing, company, tariffs) that is best suited to your needs. Shipping your merchandise is facilitated through storage that happens right at ports & airports.

Negotiated tariffs

You'll benefit from the tariffs we've negotiated based on our high purchasing volumes for this type of product (dangerous merchandise for air shipment).

Follow-up & tracking

Our personnel oversees your shipments and ensures that everything goes according to plan. What's more, you have access to our 24/7 online tracking.

Optimized stocks

We'll send you tracking records for your recurring logistical flows with performance indicators (KPIs) that will allow you to optimize your stock rotations and therefore understand your periods of immobility.
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Frequently asked questions about shipping cosmetics, flavours, and perfumes

  1. 1

    What specific requirements are associated with shipping perfumes, flavours and cosmetics?

    Only a shipping company specialized in the shipment of perfumes, flavours and cosmetics can confidently address the specific needs of these industries:
    - regulatory requirements associated with the shipment of products considered dangerous and phytosanitary.
    - packaging and handling that are adapted to ensure security and quality conservation.
    - authorized and secured warehouses.
    - specific customs requirements

  2. 2

    What packaging is required to ship flavours and perfumes?

    To maintain the olfactory properties of perfumes and flavours and their characteristics, shipping companies use packaging whose specific attributes need to be taken into account in terms of transport and storage.

    Steel barrels, which are preferred for shipping perfume because they are coated with an interior varnish that is adapted to contact with the product, need to be approved for the shipment of dangerous materials, because of the presence of alcohol.

    Flavours in powder form are best shipped in open-top plastic barrels, and liquid flavours in plastic barrels with drain plugs or plastic containers.

    There are barrels and containers of all capacities (from 6 to 100 liters in general).

  3. 3

    How do Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) impact the shipping of perfume and cosmetics?

    Regulated products belong to the categories of merchandise considered to be "dangerous", which are the subject of specific shipment-related regulations, because they represent a potential danger to the health and safety of people, infrastructures, and / or means of transport.

    The shipment of dangerous merchandise is governed by various national and international regulations, particularly the IATA Regulation for the transportation of dangerous goods and the IMO's international maritime code for dangerous goods (IMDG). Freight forwarding and cargo agents, packagers, handlers, and others involved in the preparation and shipment of dangerous merchandise must comply with this regulation and complete regular training to ensure that their shipments are in compliance so that they can be handled quickly and easily by air and sea shipping companies.

    The MATHEZ FREIGHT agencies are equipped to organize the shipment of your dangerous goods by air and by sea, because we possess the necessary accreditations, and we have trained and authorized personnel.

  4. 4

    Why choose a certified AEO-Full shipping agent?

    The "AEO" accreditation (Authorized Economic Operator) is granted by the Customs Authority to companies which satisfy strict customs criteria and demonstrate a continuous level of compliance and reliability with respect to the international logistics chain.

    Working with an "AEO-Full" shipping agent means that in shipping your goods you'll benefit from the following advantages:

    • Streamlining your customs operations
    • Physical and records inspections reduced and adapted for your goods,
    • Status recognized throughout the European Union and worldwide

    Since 2013 MATHEZ FREIGHT has had AEO-Full status, which includes the "simplified customs" AEO certificate and the "safety-security" AEO certificate. When you work with MATHEZ FREIGHT, you can rest assured that all your customs operations throughout the EU and beyond will be handled with precision, reliability, and professionalism, according to the highest standards.

  5. 5

    When do we need to carefully examine customs regulations for a particular product?

    As soon as you anticipate shipment of a product, it is essential to verify the applicable rights and taxes, as well as associated regulation in order to fully appreciate customs risks and optimize your operations in terms of fiscal and customs requirements.

    In the event of any doubt, request a product customs classification.
    > Everything you need to know about Binding Tariff Information with MATHEZ FORMATION.

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