Cargo ship agent

Cement carrier at the port of Nice
Everyday we see to all types of cargo at the ports in Southern France and Monaco - cargo ships carrying conventional merchandise, ships transporting yachts, cement carriers, construction project machinery, etc.
Services we offer in France and Monaco:

Freight agent for cargo ships

Decades of experience in the service of prestigious companies have contributed to the economic growth of our clients and the enrichment of the competencies of our teams – qualified and dynamic agents who work daily with all types of cargo vessels on the French Riviera and beyond.

Consigning shipping agent:

  • Declaration upon arrival, departure, boarding, payment of taxes.
  • Pro Forma and transmission of port information.
  • Coordination of local actors: port authorities, harbor master’s office, pilots, dockers, customs, surveyor, waste, etc…
  • Transfer of crew members.
  • Brokerage.
Dedicated freight services:

  • A complete array of freight services: express freight, general air cargo, consolidated economical shipments, freight shipment by sea.
  • Receipt and loading of detached parts.
  • Packaging, handling, and shipping of all types of merchandise including oversized merchandise.
  • Secure loading operations: towing, packing, strapping, lashing.

We serve all types of cargo vessels:

  • Cement carrying cargoes: exclusive agent in Nice, number 1 cement carrier in France.
  • Yacht transporting cargo ships: we oversee customs operations in the service of professionals, charterers, individuals, private owners, and exhibitors.
  • Cargo ships transporting conventional merchandise:
    Receipt, boarding, unloading heavy, bulk, or precious cargo, of all dimensions, industrial machinery, etc.)

Major projects & construction projects:

We assist operators on major projects at ports or on the waterfront, for example:

  • Cannes resanding the beaches of la Croisette.
  • Transport of 300,000 tonnes of rubble during the Nice Tramway Project
  • Project to extend l’Anse du Portier out into the sea in Monaco.

Julien Negro

I am proud to perpetuate a customized and high-quality service, thereby maintaining the precious confidence that our partners continue to instill in us since the company was founded in 1950.

Julien Negro,

You'll benefit from

Our presence right at the port

Our offices are located directly at port, and our knowledge of local actors will ensure responsiveness and careful tracking.

An international network

You'll benefit from our national and international coverage with a network of specialists in shipping, but also air and sea freight.
Our network

Highly experienced representatives

Professionals in this industry will value our highly specialized experience, which is sure to provide you with high-quality advising and organizational assistance.

24/7 Tracking

You can rely on the effectiveness and the precision of our teams for 24/7 operational service and tracking.

Custom-made solutions

Strengthened by the multiple strands of the group's expertise, we put in place services that are adapted to your needs, directed and overseen by our careful attention.
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Frequently asked questions about shipping

  1. 1

    Is it absolutely required to make use of a cargo ship agent?

    Regulation in France is undergoing changes to require that the ship-owner designates a cargo ship agent at every port of call.

    The cargo ship agent assists the legal representatives of the ship-owner on an administrative and procedural level in the port (acting on behalf of…).

  2. 2

    Why is it better to work with an independent cargo ship agent?

    Some ship-owners use integrated cargo ship agents that belong to a ship-owning group.

    Using an independent cargo ship agent can involve several advantages however:

    • Often the independent cargo ship agent has deeper local competencies
    • Working for several ship owners, the independent agent can achieve economies of scale.
    • The independent cargo ship agent often brings together several types of expertise, and particularly those of a shipping commissioner and licensed customs broker.

    MATHEZ FREIGHT builds on its excellent foundation with respect to the ports of the French Riviera and shares with its clients that expertise as a freight fowarder with its IATA and FIATA certifications, registered customs representative, and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). Our group also possesses unparalleled expertise in VAT. Our group also possesses unparalleled expertise in VAT.

  3. 3

    What do the FONASBA label and FIATA, IATA, and AEO-Full certifications mean?

    MATHEZ FREIGHT is FIATA, IATA and FONASBA certified and since 2013 it has also had AEO-Full status, which includes the AEO "streamlined customs" certificate and the AEO "safety and security" certificates.

    • Since 2007, the FONASBA quality standard (Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents) has distinguished agents who meet criteria of financial strength and demonstrate the highest commitment in terms of professionalism and quality.
    • The FIATA certificate assures the relations between loaders and actors in the cargo shipping field, and the FIATA regulation serves as a reference in the event of a dispute.
    • The "AEO" accreditation (Authorized Economic Operator) is awarded by the Customs Authority to companies that meet strict customs criteria and demonstrate continuous quality, conformity, and reliability throughout the international logistics chain.
    • The IATA certificate allows use of any commercial airliner and its AWB.

    When you work with MATHEZ FREIGHT, you can rest assured that all of your operations will be performed with precision, reliability, and professionalism, according to the highest standards.

  4. 4

    What paperwork is needed when calling at a port?

    The paperwork required can vary very widely from one port to another, from one ship to another, and according to the purposes of that vessel. Make a Pro Forma request and we'll provide you with a price, a feasability report, and all the information you need to ensure a successful call at port.

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