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MATHEZ CAR SHIPPING partners with the best for your exceptional vehicles

Luxury vehicles, collector's cars, racing cars or rally cars: these jewels are dear to the hearts of their lucky owners, and as their logistics provider, we owe them our very best.

For more than 20 years, MATHEZ FREIGHT & MATHEZ MONACO have been transporting the world’s finest cars to and from France and Monaco with tailor-made solutions and premium service. In 2024, new partnerships with the ALN network, the FFVE in France and the Car Safe Monaco enable the MATHEZ CAR SHIPPING department to offer all the services requested by our customers, under the best possible conditions.

Partnering through the Automobile Logistics Network for international car shipping

Transporting exceptional vehicles requires very special care, specific insurance and unfailing mastery of customs and regulatory issues. To organize the door-to-door transport of your vehicle, you need to mobilize the most competent partners throughout the world. Automobile Logistics Network is THE global network gathering the best freight forwarders and service providers in the automotive sector. As part of ALN, we ensure that your vehicle travels in premium class from start to finish.

Certificat ALN Mathez Monaco

Get your classic cars on the road in France with the FFVE

Because MATHEZ has been collaborating with the FFVE (Fédération Française des Véhicules d’Epoque) for many years to obtain the “collection” classification of eligible vehicles, it was only natural to make a further commitment. MATHEZ CAR SHIPPING will be able to follow regulatory developments as closely as possible and provide collectors with the best possible service. Vehicles over 30 years old which can not obtain a Certificate of Conformity (COC) to be registered in France must undergo “classic car” authentication. MATHEZ CAR SHIPPING can help you obtain the precious certificate you need to drive legally in France. Criteria to be met: you have not made any modifications to the car, the parts are original and the age criterion has been met. Keep the car compliant and in good working order, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Offering bonded storage for luxury vehicles in Monaco with The CarSafe

Luxury car owners vacationing in Monaco or on the French Rivieraoften need assistance to ensure customs compliance:

Import, transit under customs control, temporary admission or simple carnet de transport: As an authorized customs representative, MATHEZ MONACO provides guidance and assistance for all customs-related isssues. From now on, it will also be possible to organize bonded storage. MATHEZ CAR SHIPPING has established a partnership with The CarSafe Monaco to provide bonded storage bonded storage of luxury cars under optimum security and confidentiality.

A vehicle arriving in Monaco under the temporary admission customs regime must in principle leave within 6 months. With bonded warehousing, this time frame can be fragmented to suit your particular circumstances. On top of that, The Car Safe will keep the vehicle clean and roadworthy, so it’s ready for immediate use when the its owner returns!

Membre FFVE
Alexandra Lefevre

These new partnerships mark our commitment to offering prestige vehicle owners and their suppliers a complete service.
For all your international car transport, customs or regulatory compliance needs, contact us: we’ll take care of everything!

Alexandra Lefèvre, MATHEZ CAR SHIPPING
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