Trade fair and conference logistics

International transport, customs, storage, on-site delivery and handling: MATHEZ ONSITE LOGISTICS provides all the logistics for exhibitors, organisers and decorators taking part in trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions on the Côte d'Azur, guaranteeing the success of their event.
Services we offer in France and Monaco:

Logistics for trade fairs and conferences on the French Riviera

  • Receipt of exhibition equipment, shipments and re-shipments throughout the world with a choice of transport(air, road or sea) adapted to your constraints.
  • Customs procedures adapted to the transport and preparation of the exhibition: temporary admissions, ATA carnets, release for consumption of the products distributed, …

MATHEZ ONSITE LOGISTICS is a department specialised in the logistics of trade fairs and congresses of the MATHEZ FREIGHT group. It handles the logistics of trade fairs and congresses of most of the events in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes, among others: Assises ORL, ROOMN, MIPIM, IT Meeting, E-commerce, AMWC, MIP TV, TM Forum (Digital Transformation World), Film Festival, WPC, LIONS Creativity festival, NGON, Cannes Yacht Festival, Monaco Yacht Show, Luxe Pack, TFWA, Les Assises de la Sécurité, MIPCOM, MAPIC, TRUSTECH, ILTM

  • On-site delivery: approved by a number of exhibition centres on the French Riviera, we use our own handling equipment to deliver your goods to the exhibition site on the day and at the time agreed.
  • Short or long termstorage solutions, in warehouses, ports and airports, bonded or not, to facilitate the transit of goods.
    Logistical coordination of your exhibitions all year round.
  • Recovery and storage of empty packaging during the exhibition for return and forwarding.

Our teams do everything necessary to ensure that you can devote yourself entirely to your exhibition, without worrying about logistical constraints. Thanks to our experience and contacts, we are proud to offer, every year and for 40 years, a fluidity without equal!


Discover MATHEZ ONSITE LOGISTICS, the logistics specialist for your trade shows and conferences on the French Riviera

Your Guarantees & Benefits

Specialist in exhibitions and congresses

As an IATA and FIATA authorized freight agent and registered customs representative, we are based in the French Riviera, which is an excellent location for organizing international business events.

Negotiated tariffs

Benefit from negotiated rates with air and sea carriers, thanks to our large purchasing volumes.

A network of specialized partners

We oversee or deliver your equipment throughout the world thanks to our network of specialized agents.
Our Network

Experience with people

We are professionals in this field of handling, with 40 years of experience in conventions, and 24/7 availabilty: this is our guarantee for the impeccable installation of your equipment in very short order.

Customs solutions

As an "AEO-Full certified" customs broker, we offer customs procedures tailored to conventions: temporary admission, permanent importation, ATA carnets, release for consumption, etc.
  1. Freight Quote Request

    Go to the MATHEZ ONSITE LOGISTICS website to request a quotation and get a quick answer.

Frequently asked questions about transportation

  1. 1

    Why is it advantageous to work with a specialist in exhibition and convention shipping and installation?

    We control the entire process, from collection from your premises, in France or abroad, to delivery to your stand after customs clearance.

    We are used to trade fairs and exhibition sites, we know how to handle emergencies and unforeseen situations, and we are available at all times to ensure that your trade fair is a success.

  2. 2

    Which customs policies apply to conventions and exhibitions?

    All customs formalities can be applied to the exhibited goods and stand materials: temporary admissions, release for consumption, ATA carnet, possible excise duties (tobacco and alcohol)...

    As specialists, we are used to handling these customs formalities for all types of exhibitors, regardless of their country of origin and the nature of the goods.

  3. 3

    Why choose a certified AEO-Full shipping agent?

    AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) accreditation is granted by the Customs Administration to companies that meet strict customs criteria and demonstrate consistent quality, compliance and reliability in the international supply chain.

    Working with a " AEO - Full" freight forwarder gives you, as a shipper, the following advantages:

    • Fluidification of your customs operations,
    • Reduced and optimized physical and documentary controls for your goods,
    • Recognised status in the European Union as a whole and in the world as a whole.

    MATHEZ FREIGHT is one of the top 30 IATA agents in France, and since 2013 has been granted the AEO-Full status, which includes the AEO "customs simplification" certificate and the AEO "security-safety" certificate. When you work with MATHEZ FREIGHT, you can be assured that all your customs operations throughout the EU and beyond will be carried out accurately, reliably and professionally, to the highest standards.

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