Air cargo and container tracking

Air cargo (AWB) tracking and container tracking (MBL / BL / container number) at your fingertips, 24/7/365.
We are sorry, this tracking module does not work well on mobile. Please use a tablet or desktop computer.

Air cargo tracking:

  1. Select the airline you want to track in the airline field,
  2. fill in your airwaybill (AWB) number directly in the AWB number field.

You can also enter just your AWB number directly in the AWB numberfield and the airline company will be determined automatically.
Example: 06534818604 

Container tracking :

  1. Choose the transport company in the carrierfield.
  2. In the field Search By, please select one of the available items – either Container Number if you want to track a container, Booking number for an order, or MBL / BL number for a bill of lading or master bill of lading number.
  3. In the field Search for, enter the container number, order number or Bill of lading number according to the choice you made in step 2.

Example: 1. Hapag2. Container number 3. HLXU6379167.


To print the output, use the PDF button and print your document.
NB: this feature is not available on old browsers. Please download the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

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Other tracking modes:

In our toolbox, you will find other ways of tracking boats, cargo vessels and movements at the ports.

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