Freight solutions for industry

Transportation solutions for the industry
For recurring international freight demands, extraordinary cargo requirements, or urgent requests, we can create customized transport solutions for your commercial needs.
Services we offer:

customized solutions for industry

  • Transport of all types of merchandise (pallets, packages, containers, oversized cargo, bulk bags, IBC, etc….).
  • Traceability of your merchandise flow.
  • Creation of a regularly timed transport plan for door-to-door shipping with publication of performance indicator tables (KPI).
  • Management of emergency situations (supply chain stoppages): express shipping, courier delivered baggage, charters, etc.
  • Positioning of local warehousing solutions.

  • Consolidation/deconsolidation, warehousing, packaging, dunnage, quality control: we can create advanced logistics solutions just right for you.
  • Analysis of your operations prior to customs performed by our customs brokers to ensure perfectly fluid logistics (A.E.O-Full).
  • Whether you need express, regular or economy service, we have solutions that perfectly match your requirements.

Mathieu Rivera

Tell us about your product lines, production cycles, their value and volume, and your distribution channels. We’ll devise solutions that take into account your limitations while optimizing your logistical chain.

Mathieu Rivera, MATHEZ FREIGHT, Nice

Benefits of working with us

The world's best network

We oversee or deliver your merchandize all over the world, through 16 agencies in France and partners in 838 cities, ports, and airports in 191 countries.
Our network

We negotiate your freight charges

Because we deal in large volume, you'll benefit from rates we can negotiate with maritime and air shipping companies.

A customized transport plan

We put in place modes of transport that correspond to your price points, time requirements, and quality needs. We track the orders you place with your suppliers and alert you in the event of any issues of non-compliance.

Tracking your goods

We oversee your shipments and we ensure that everything goes according to plan. Plus, you can track your merchandise 24/7 online.

Optimizing your supply chain

We will provide you with key performance indicators (KPI) for your recurring shipments so you can more effectively integrate your transport times within your Supply Chain parameters
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Frequently asked questions on shipping industrial goods

  1. 1

    Why choose a fully certified AEO shipping agent?

    "AEO" accreditation (Authorized Economic Operator) is granted by the Customs Authority to companies that satisfy strict customs criteria and can demonstrate quality, compliance, and continuous reliability standards on international logistics chains.

    Working with a fully-certified "AEO" means that in shipping your goods you'll benefit from the following advantages:

    • Greater ease in your customs operations,
    • Fewer and better adapted physical inspections and paperwork responsibilities for your merchandise,
    • Reputation recognized throughout the European Union and throughout the world.

    Since 2013 MATHEZ FREIGHT has had AEO-Full status, which includes the "simplified customs" AEO certificate and the "safety-security" AEO certificate. When you work with MATHEZ FREIGHT, you can rest assured that all your customs operations throughout the EU and beyond will be handled with precision, reliability, and professionalism, according to the highest standards.

  2. 2

    Are you transporting special or dangerous products?

    What we commonly call "dangerous goods" are products that contain substances which may prove dangerous when it comes to air transport. A specific regulation is required to package, handle, and declare them correctly for them to be transported with risk to the cargo plane and its occupants.

    There are 9 classes of special products (DGRs): explosives, gas, inflammable liquids, inflammable solids, combustible materials, toxic and infectious materials, radioactive materials, corrosive materials and dangerous merchandise various. Many chemical and pharmaceutical products fit into these categories. These materials or items are regulated because they represent a potential health and security risk for people, infrastructure, and/or modes of transport.

    Transportation of dangerous merchandise is governed by various national and international regulations, in particular the Regulation of the IATA for the transportation of dangerous goods and the International Maritime Code for dangerous merchandise. Freight forwarding and cargo agents, packagers, handlers, and others involved in the preparation and shipment of dangerous merchandise must comply with this regulation and complete regular training to ensure that their shipments are in compliance so that they can be handled quickly and easily by air and sea shipping companies.

    The MATHEZ FREIGHT agencies are equipped to plan the transport of your dangerous merchandise by air or by sea, because they have the required accreditations and trained, authorized personnel.

  3. 3

    Some products contain lithium batteries. What restrictions for transport does this involve?

    From defibrillators to spectrophotometers, not to mention computers, these days a wide variety of products contain lithium batteries. Not declaring them can result in serious consequences.

    Following various serious incidents caused by these batteries, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) defined specific norms for the transport of Lithium batteries. Every air transport company has adopted these norms by applying its own definitions and restrictions, and some destinations require specific measures in terms of packaging and handling.

    The conditions for transporting batteries may also vary according to the size of the batteries, their Watt/Hour power in some cases (ionic lithium, polymer, iron phosphate type batteries (Life PO4), etc.) or their lithium content measured in grams in other cases (metal lithium batteries, lithium alloy batteries, etc.). Damaged or defective devices or lithium batteries are generally banned from transport.
    All of these restrictions frequently change (almost every 4 months).

    We are here to advise you on options for shipping or importing lithium batteries by air transport. Tell us the type of battery, the power and quantity of batteries to be shipped, the routing you want, and we'll advise you on air transport options or if necessary, multi-modal, land-based, or sea-based shipping. Contact us!

  4. 4

    When do we need to carefully examine customs regulations for a particular product?

    As soon as you anticipate importation of a product, it is essential to verify the applicable rights and taxes, as well as associated regulation in order to fully appreciate customs risks and optimize your operations in terms of fiscal and customs requirements.

    In the event of any doubt, request a product customs classification (RTC).
    "Everything you need to know about Binding Tariff Information with MATHEZ FORMATION (in French).

  5. 5

    Do you need to ship dense or bulky products?

    Depending on the density or volume of the products you import, we may be able to secure special tariffs. Share this information with us in advance!

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