Car Shipping to/from France & Monaco

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Collector or rally car, luxury or adventure vehicle, motorcycle, prototype: give your vehicle the experience it deserves between France, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.
Car Shipping & Customs-related services in France and Monaco:

Driving Excellence in Car Shipping

Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bentley, Bugatti, Mercedes… the places reserved for MATHEZ FREIGHT in the cargo zones in the airports of France, and especially those along the French Riviera, have seen the most beautiful car models, being both imported and exported by airplane.
We also transport vehicles by sea all over the world, whether for new or second-hand cars for private individuals or automotive professionals, for rallies and car races, trade fairs and auctions, international removals, etc.

  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery by flatbed truck or enclosed truck, equipped with long ramps for very low cars.
  • Receipt of vehicles, packing, strapping, mooring to be placed in a container or on an airplane pallet.
  • Car and motorcycle transport by sea (container, flat rack or roro), car shipment by plane or truck, in Europe and worldwide.
  • Meticulous verification of the vehicle upon receipt, with photos taken.
  • Coordination of other professionals if necessary: mechanic, car cleaning services, etc.
  • Short- or long-term storage solutions , in port or airport warehouses, to facilitate vehicle transit, including bonded storage in Monaco.
  • Customs procedures: definitive import or export of vehicles, simplified temporary admission (bona fide), ATA Carnet, Customs Clearance Carnet (CPD).
  • Administrative assistance for vehicle homologation(Certificate of Conformity or COC), final or provisional registration in France and Monaco, or obtaining FFVE collector vehicle certificates.
  • Insurance: transport is carried out under limited liability conditions and according to the terms of our GSC. MATHEZ FREIGHT may underwrite an insurance policy for the value of the vehicle on your behalf. See our article on the insurance policy (in french).
Alexandra Lefevre

Paris and the French Riviera have always been exceptional locations where the world’s wealthiest people congregate, along with their cars, the object of their passion and even their unbridled joy. Without exception, they deserve the utmost attention.

Alexandra Lefevre, MATHEZ CAR SHIPPING

Advantages we offer

The security of a specialized network

Being part of the Automobile Logistics Network, we can guarantee a secure, premium door-to-door service, anywhere in the world.

Controlled transit times

You'll benefit from optimized transit times at airports, thanks to our AEO certificate, and at airport warehouses run by our partners.

A passion for service

Tailor-made assistance for all your specific needs, provided by a team of passionate professionals

100% conform to destination

Our trained, certified and experienced staff optimize your customs procedures and ensure your administrative compliance at destination.

Transparency & confidentiality

In addition to transparent management of your operation, our teams guarantee total discretion for worry-free transport.
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Frequently asked questions regarding international shipping of vehicles

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    What is the Customs Clearance Carnet and how do you get it?

    The Customs Clearance Carnet is a customs document created in 1913 to simplify customs formalities for tourists and travelers in motor vehicles, and to protect signatory countries from any "wild" importation. Even if its use has diminished, it is required in a number of countries in the Middle East, Asia, and to a lesser extent Africa.

    The Customs Clearance Carnet identifies the motor vehicle or other equipment (telecommunications material, precious baggage, etc.): manufacturer, model, color, motor, serial number, owner, and value.

    Travelers can obtain their Carnet from an Automobile Club in their country, usually by paying a bank deposit or a security deposit.

    Find out more:

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    How can you prepare a vehicle for international transport?

    • It is recommended to perform any maintenance operation needed prior to shipment.
    • It is prudent to protect or remove any detachable part, like the antenna.
    • The vehicle should be perfectly clean in order to facilitate the inventory of its condition.
    • To use a roll on / roll off service, the vehicle should be in working order and a spare set of keys should be provided. Generally speaking, it is recommended for the gas tank to be 1/4 to 1/2 full.
    • For air transport, the tank should be as low as possible and the car emptied of its personal effects.
    • Any car alarm system should be deactivated.
    • You should hand over the original documents to us.
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    Why choose a certified AEO-Full shipping agent?

    The "AEO" (Authorized Economic Operator) accreditation is awarded by the Customs Administration to companies that satisfy strict customs criteria and demonstrate continuous quality, conformity, and reliability along the international logistical chain.

    Working with a " AEO - Full" freight forwarder gives you, as a shipper, the following advantages:

    • Fluidification of your customs operations,
    • Reduced and optimized physical and documentary controls for your goods,
    • Recognised status in the European Union as a whole and in the world as a whole.

    MATHEZ FREIGHT is one of the top 30 IATA agents in France, and since 2013 has been granted the AEO-Full status, which includes the AEO "customs simplification" certificate and the AEO "security-safety" certificate. When you work with MATHEZ FREIGHT, you can be assured that all your customs operations throughout the EU and beyond will be carried out accurately, reliably and professionally, to the highest standards.

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