Fine Art Shipping, Customs, Storage, and Handling

Monaco Photo Exhibition, 2018
Through its MATHEZ ART LOGISTICS brand (formerly known as MMCI ART LOGISTICS), for more than 20 years, MATHEZ FREIGHT and MATHEZ MONACO have offered prestige-level service dedicated to the shipping, packaging, storage, and installation of your works of art and collector's pieces. It's all about white glove logistics
Services we offer in France and Monaco:

Shipping art works in / from France / Monaco and abroad

You’ll work with local representatives (Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Paris, Lyon and Marseille, …) and have access to a network of specialized shipping partners throughout the world (New York, London, Singapore, Geneva, etc.) to ensure nail to nail shipping service.

  • Shipment of works of art under optimal conditions in packaging, handling, security, and confidentiality. These services are performed by us, without subcontracting – we have teams dedicated to art logistics, we are a licensed customs broker, IATA and FIATA agents, and have our own warehouses…
  • Regular Fine Arts Paris-Nice-London-Geneva shuttle service with two-man crew, safety measures in place, pneumatic suspension, air conditioning.
  • Packaging perfectly suited to the piece: from soft packing to museum crating & packing in a crate containing an inner crate.
  • Nail to nail service – handling adapted to the field of fine arts (extreme care and white glove service…), customized installation, from hanging paintings to installing monumental sculptures.

  • High security storage, with temperature and humidity control.
    Storage at the free port of Monaco totally free of duties and taxes.
  • Assistance with paperwork and complete support: request for licences, temporary customs status, exhibition arrangements, etc. Our customs declarants are perfectly equipped to handle the specific requirements for the international shipment of works of art.
  • Specific insurance to handle logistics associated with works of art.
  • Showroom for the presentation of your works of art (in Monaco).

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Quality service speaks for itself. For more than 20 years we have been working with the most distinguished collectors, galleries, and museums. Put your concerns in our hands. We are in complete control.


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the specialist in nail to nail shipping from / to France, Monaco, and abroad

You'll benefit from

"White glove" professionals

Our white glove agents master the expertise needed to provide premium service as well as the codes and practices best adapted to clients working in the art world.

Proximity and responsiveness

We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our hearts are set on giving you the personal advice and support you need throughout these procedures.


Our processes, warehousing solutions, and partners are perfectly adapted to the specific needs of art logistics and to the insurance needs related to shipping art.


Our personnel maintain absolute discretion in every circumstance.


As an IATA and FIATA certified freight forwarding agent and your registered customs representative, we take charge of or deliver your works of art throughout the world thanks to our worldwide network of specialized agents.
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Frequently asked questions about shipping

  1. 1

    When does one need a "passport" or an export licence for a work of art?

    France carefully monitors the departure of works of art from the national territory. Beyond a certain threshold of age and / or value, authorization to take a piece of art outside the national territory is subject to approval by the Service of the Museums of France (Ministry of Culture), which delivers a "passport" called a certificate of export of a cultural good " in order to be exported anywhere within the European Union, or a licence for export, provided a passport has already been secured, in order to export it outside Europe. In this case, a customs declaration is also needed.

    MATHEZ ART LOGISTICS will accompany you throughout these procedures.

  2. 2

    Which customs regulations apply specifically to works of art?

    There are a number of customs regulations pertaining specifically to works of art:

    • Temporary admissions (or temporary exports) for works of art that require round-trip shipment, for example, for the restoration of a piece in a third country, or for pieces being put up for auction. This regulation allows an avoidance of VAT payment in the host country because the work is only temporarily admitted.
    • Storage at a free port allows for storage of a work of art for an unlimited time without the imposition of taxes and duties.

    MATHEZ ART LOGISTICS can provide assistance and support for any customs procedures and if necessary can store your pieces at the free port of Monaco.

  3. 3

    What are the various types of packing specific to the field of art shipment?

    Every piece is unique and requires packing that best corresponds to its specific characteristics.

    It may require soft packing, packing in bubble wrap, or perhaps shuttle crates, crates lined with foam perfectly adapted to the shipment of art. For canvasses or art works in relief, we design crates containing an inner crate (a slatted crate inside another crate) or other "museum" or "gallery" quality cases.

    At MATHEZ ART LOGISTICS, our packing materials are constructed according to your specifications and align with the requirements for shipping artwork.

  4. 4

    How is my art insured? Are there liability limitations?

    All of our operations are performed according to the general conditions of the TLF (Federation of Shipping and Logistics Companies of France), particularly with respect to liability limitations.

    We put in place all our expertise to ensure that your pieces are shipped according to optimal conditions. Nevertheless, being well covered is a priority, therefore we recommend that you purchase a nail-to-nail "ad-valorem" insurance solution perfectly adapted to your property and to the method of transport (without liability limitation).

  5. 5

    Why choose a certified AEO-Full shipping agent?

    The "AEO" (Authorized Economic Operator) accreditation is awarded by the European Commission to companies that meet strict customs criteria and demonstrate continuous quality, conformity, and reliability along the international logistical chain.

    Working with an "AEO-Full" freight forwarder means that in shipping your goods you'll benefit from the following advantages:

    • Streamlining your customs operations
    • Physical and records inspections reduced and adapted for your goods,
    • Status recognized throughout the European Union and worldwide

    MATHEZ FREIGHT is among the top 30 of IATA agents in France, and since 2013 it has benefitted from AEO-Full status, including the "simplified customs" AEO certificate and the "safety-security" AEO certificate. When you work with MATHEZ FREIGHT, you can rest assured that all your customs operations throughout the EU and beyond will be handled with precision, reliability, and professionalism, according to the highest standards.

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