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VAT specialists - Mathez Conseil Formation ant Mathez Intracom at a congress of accountants (CROEC Lyon 2018)
Companies operating in or expanding to Europe must adapt to a complex regulatory environment. Our groupe has created a pool of VAT and customs expertise to support them.
Our services:

Your VAT solutions

We propose three services to address all of the VAT regulatory issues related to your operations in the EU and other European countries:

VAT experts

Training services & assistance

Number one third party declarant in France

DEB, DES, Intrastat

  • Handling obligations such as EC Sales Lists (ESL), EC Purchase Lists (EPL) and Intrastats in France and in the European Union.
  • Validation of the VAT policies applied.
  • Monthly transmission of accounting and tax-related information.
  • Assistance in the event of an audit by the administration.

VAT tax representation

EU & yachting activities

  • VAT identification in all the member countries of the European Union and in certain other countries.
  • Analysis of process flows and documentation: country-specific technical sheets, statements on invoices, etc.
  • Management of EC Purchases / Sales List (ESL) and Intrastat declarations, and transmission of dashboards.
  • VAT recovery in all the member countries of the European Union and in certain other countries.
  • Tax representation for yacht-owning companies for all charters on the Mediterranean.

  1. Express Contact

When contending with VAT risks internationally, professionals need to be helped and supported by skilled professionals. Our pool of expertise brings together the best specialists and relies upon genuine real-world experience.

Nicolas D’Asta, Mathez Intracom Nice

Advantages we offer

National and international expertise

Our VAT experts will help you with your intra-community and international exchanges. We offer one-stop-shop service to handle your declaration obligations throughout the 28 member states of the European Union.

Continuous regulatory oversight

Regulations are complex and ever-changing: we track VAT regulations for you and we can predict changes to come.
VAT news (in French)

A real-world approach

You need practical, real-world answers for your VAT issues. Our experience as the number one third party declarant in France means that we can provide you with solutions that are perfectly suited to your business activity.

VAT expertise for your business activity

Whether it pertains to real estate, industry, e-commerce, vehicles, or yachting, VAT regulations have specific characteristics, so we offer equally specific regulatory expertise and experience.

Customized tracking

You'll benefit from direct access to an expert, and dedicated support. Just relax, we'll take care of everything!

Your VAT questions

  1. 1

    Are VAT rates standardized across Europe?

    The VAT guidelines define a legal framework for VAT rates in the EU, but they allow member states to set the number and the level of VAT rates.

    • The standard VAT rate, which applies to all non-exempt goods and services, may not be less than 15%.
    • Reduced VAT rates may be applied to the goods and services listed in annex III of the VAT guidelines. They do not apply to services offered by electronic means; they may not be lower than 5%.

    There are a number of exceptions to the standard rules.

    Learn more about VAT rates in Europe on the Mathez Conseil Formation blog, and download the PDF file in French listing the 2018 VAT rates in the EU.

  2. 2

    DEB, Intrastat, EC Sales List, EC Purchases List: what are they?

    With the elimination of customs borders in 1992, two documents for tracking exchanges between countries in the EU appeared:

    • Intrastat to enable the administration to establish statistics related to external trade.
    • Summary reports of sales ("EC sales list"), or, in some countries purchase reports ("EC Purchases List") to monitor the flow of merchandise across the community (VAT).

    The majority of the member states of the European Union have separated these two obligations, and most often the EC sales list is included as an annex to VAT declarations. France chose to combine these two obligations on the Declaration d'Echange de Biens (DEB):

    • upon introduction, the DEB represents a statistical tool only, and becomes mandatory once the defined threshold for the calendar year underway or previous calendar year has been surpassed (N or N-1),
    • at shipment, the DEB is a fiscal tool from the very first euro (audits cross referenced among member states) and it also becomes a statistical tool once a certain threshold has been reached.

    Mathez Conseil Formation keeps track of updates to theDEB thresholds in each of the 28 countries in the European Union.

    To outsource and secure your DEB, DES, and Intrastat declarations, contact Mathez Intracom, the number one third party declarant in France.

  3. 3

    What services can a VAT tax representative provide?

    Entering EU and international markets in full compliance with local VAT regulations is essential to ensure the sure growth of your business activities abroad. Some operations may make a foreign VAT registration mandatory and they may involve other declarations requirements.

    Designating a tax representative allows you to perform activities that are subject to VAT in various member states within the European Union, and it also helps you meet your tax obligations, by dispensing with the need to create a branch of your business in each of these countries.

    Your tax representative will handle all the formalities linked to registration with the VAT, and will represent your interests with respect to administrative authorities, and will take on your declaration requirements in full compliance with tax legislation.

    To find out more, consult with Easytax.

  4. 4

    Do I need a tax representative to help with my business?

    A certain number of business activities may make it mandatory to have a VAT identification in a foreign country, and they may require other declaration obligations:
    Storage platforms (product flows inside and outside the European Union).
    Online sales.
    Delivery of goods along with installation or assembly.
    • Consignment stocks.
    Sub-contracting abroad followed by deliveries directly to the end customers.
    • Real estate construction projects.
    Purchase-resale in the same country.

    Regulation is complicated and there are many specific types of cases to prepare for. Don't hesitate to consult our specialists for an analysis of your particular situation: contact Easytax.


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