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A freight forwarder combining logistics, customs & VAT expertise

An article to highlight the group's dual capabilities to support SMEs who are growing their business abroad.

MATHEZ FREIGHT has been developing multi-sector expertise in the field of transport for 67 years. The combination of its logistics and regulatory expertise is a great advantage for SMEs developing overseas in the current complex and unstable macroeconomic and geopolitical climate. In the words of Pierre Mathez, CEO:

Our profession is about making operations more fluid for players in international commerce and doing it at the best price, in the best time frame and securely. While large companies spend time setting up complex processes, SMEs and smaller industries are more sensitive to the cost/timings of their operations. But they are also extremely vulnerable when it comes to changes in regulations that affect the areas and conditions of their operations.

(…) From the advent of the single market in 1993 to the Brexit vote in 2016, the context of international exchanges is in constant flux. Attempts at simplifying things on a European level, multiple national and sectoral regulations and geopolitical uncertainty all weigh heavily on developing international trade.

Companies must adapt to an unstable environment which requires very specific expertise

Pierre Mathez at Port of Nice.

Pierre Mathez at Port of Nice.

In order to support companies with these changes, we set up a “pool of expertise in customs & VAT compliance” in 1993 to provide professionals with the means to get training, adapt, or to outsource some of their legal obligations. Within a few years,MATHEZ INTRACOM had established itself as the leading third-party for trading goods in France, while MATHEZ FORMATION became the go-to expert for accountants and auditors in terms of VAT. A team on consultant-trainers meet the demands for training or regulatory assistance with accounting, purchasing, sales and logistics administration for companies across all sectors. (…) To grow these businesses within the EU, the group also offers simplified tax representation solutions via a subsidiary EASYTAX.

Companies gain by aligning themselves with regulation specialists who perfectly understand their logistical and operational constraints – and vice-versa.

Becoming the leading partner for SMEs is truly satisfying.

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