Marine solutions

Shipyard logistics, services for cargo ships, cruise ships, yachts, and their crew: MATHEZ FREIGHT is the specialist in shipping, customs, VAT, and transport for all the actors in the sea-based industries along the French Riviera and beyond.

Born in Nice in 1950, our professional realm has included since the beginning services for cruiseships, yachts, and cargo vessels throughout the Cannes – Nice – Monaco region. Because we are dedicated to meeting every request, we have developed the expertise, competence, and international partnerships to meet these needs, so we have extended our range of service to the entire French Riviera as well as the French Atlantic coast.

Atanas Bozev, MATHEZ FREIGHT Nice

MATHEZ FREIGHT has developed the expertiseto handle many of the demands of actors in the maritime industry, with:

Consult these service options and our solutions in support of your activities: shipyards, cargo vessels, cruiseships, yachting & recreational boating.

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