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France-Turkey freight forwarder: MATHEZ FREIGHT opens in Sete

By opening an office in Sete, MATHEZ FREIGHT becomes the first French freight forwarder to offer complete coverage and all transport options - air, sea, Ro-Ro - supporting French companies and Turkish agents in their trade between Turkey and France or Europe.

Quick Tips for Logistics Professionals

  • Benefiting from highly efficient port infrastructures and a 5-day-a-week ferry link for Ro-Ro traffic, the port of Sete handles around half of all sea and road volumes between Turkey and France as well as Northern Europe.
  • The opening of an office in Sete, with experienced agents for Turkey, enables MATHEZ FREIGHT to complete its air/sea offer, and to become the 1st forwarder in France to offer a complete range of transport solutions between France and Turkey.
  • Ro-Ro, air, sea, rail or river transport, abnormal loads or dangerous goods: to organize your transport, storage, customs: contact us.

Why is the port of Sete essential for trade with Turkey?

Benefiting from a very favorable context (see our article), Franco-Turkish trade represents more than 20 billion euros, up for 30 years, and by more than 20% for 2022 alone.

The port of Sete handles around half of all sea and road traffic between France and Turkey, well ahead of Fos-Marseilles and Le Havre (70,000 TEU each).

Investing massively (€570 million in capital expenditure since 2008), the port offers the most efficient equipment available.The Group’s products include: a refrigerated terminal, quayside electrical connections, crane, hopper and crushing units for clincker traffic, a multimodal sea/road/rail/river platform, horizontal loading technology on the rail platform, etc. It is growing rapidly, with 5.6MT of traffic in 2023, up 6% in volume and 15% in sales.

Sete is the only European port, along with Trieste, to handle Ro-Ro with Turkey.

Since the arrival of Danish shipowner DFDS in 2020, Ro-Ro traffic has continued to grow: with 5 calls a week between Yalova and Sete,130,000 trucks by 2023, and is benefiting from the introduction of a railway platform with 3 round trips per week to Calais, 1 to Paris and 1 to Poznan.

In addition to goods transported by truck or container, Sete also sees the passage of exceptional convoys for the transport of boats (sailboats or motorboats), construction and industrial sites, etc.

What are the main goods flows through Sete?

A large part of the Franco-Turkish trade passed through Sete:

  • New vehicles (100,000 by 2023), both buses and passenger cars
  • agricultural products (grain, peat, etc.).
  • Exceptional convoys in the nautical and industrial sectors.
  • The above products: textiles and clothing, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, cosmetics, consumer goods, machinery and equipment…
  • Cement, with 300,000 tonnes by 2023 arriving by sea and being dispatched by rail and river.

The port of Sete also serves the flow of goods between Turkey and Spain, Great Britain, Belgium and Holland, thanks to Ro-Ro, which is faster than sea transport and cheaper than air transport.

In addition to Turkey, the port of Sete handles onshore wind turbines , which are a major source of traffic from other European countries, as well as international transfers by road to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

Why choose MATHEZ FREIGHT, specialized freight forwarder for Turkey?

Managing France-Turkey traffic calls for a high level of organization and responsiveness; only specialists can do this. When a container arrives from China, we are informed 6 days in advance; for Turkey, it’s the day before! We need a specialized team, with operators capable of managing sales, operations and customs for this particular destination.

When a ship loaded with containers arrives in Marseilles at the weekend, we can deliver on Monday at 6am.

This implies anticipating document flows and mastering the CCS (cargo community system) for customs files. You have to be able to anticipate and avoid problems to ensure perfect fluidity.

MATHEZ FREIGHT has set up a team specialized in Turkey, based in Sete and Marseilles, to manage all France-Turkey imports and exports.

  • Stephane Salvetat, Manager of the Sete office, speaks Turkish and English. He is President of the Franco-Turkish Chamber of Commerce of Southern France, and DEIK’s representative in Marseilles (Foreign Trade Advisors for Turkey). He and his team have known Turkey for almost 30 years. From their offices in Marseilles and Sete, they know exactly how to anticipate logistics developments.
  • Yves Marchal, operations manager at Sete, has 35 years’ experience of road transport in Turkey and North Africa.
  • Laetitia Danon, a specialist in ornamental and decorative stone, and 5 other operating agents support them from Marseilles for the containerized transport side.

The opening of an office in Sete completed our air freight (CDG, Nice, Lyon, Marseilles-Marignane) and sea freight services (Fos-Marseilles, Le Havre).

MATHEZ FREIGHT is thus the only forwarder with offices at all key points to offer air, sea, road and rail transport between France and Turkey.

Our freight forwarding services in Turkey:

Our offer as a freight forwarder between France & Turkey:
  • Ro-Ro transport: trailers cross the Mediterranean via the DFDS ferry, serving all of France and Northern Europe.
  • Air transport throughout France via CDG, NCE, MRS, LYS
  • Containerized sea freight via Fos-sur-Mer and Le Havre.
  • Rail transport via Sete and Fos/Marseilles to Paris, Calais and the UK, Poland and Luxembourg .
  • River transport for containers from Fos or Marseilles to Lyon and Le Havre
  • Organization of exceptional convoys for your boats, industrial equipment, etc.
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Customs clearance via CCS and advance customs management
  • Storage
  • Wrapping and packaging

To help you choose your mode of transport, see our article Turkey: Import / export, transport & customs formalities” (in French) or contact us.

Stéphane Salvetat, spécialiste transport France Turquie, Sète

Sete is the gateway of choice for Ro-Ro traffic from Turkey to Europe. With Marseilles and Le Havre for sea freight, Paris-CDG and the other French airports where MATHEZ FREIGHT is present for air freight, we are able to offer everyone the best transport options according to the type of goods, time, cost and safety constraints. Please contact us.

Stéphane Salvetat, Manager of the Marseilles and Sete branches for MATHEZ FREIGHT, President of the Franco-Turkish Chamber of Commerce for Southern France. 
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