Freight forwarder in Sète – France-Turkey/Maghreb

Stéphane Salvetat, spécialiste transport France Turquie, Sète

Sete is the French and European entry point for goods flows to and from Turkey as well as the Maghreb countries, with sea and road transport, particularly Ro/Ro.

MATHEZ FREIGHT is present at all the major port and airport hubs in the northern Mediterranean, so it’s only natural that we also developed these import/export activities in Sete. In 2024, a specialized team is ready to handle and optimize your customs and transport requirements.


Our specialties in Sete

  • Organization of sea/road transport to and from Turkey
  • International transfers Morocco / Tunisia / Algeria route
  • Ro/Ro (Roll On / Roll Off)
  • Customs clearance, advanced customs management
  • Exceptional convoys to all destinations (France / international).

Our freight shipping services

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